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A Heart of Surrender

There’s safety in not knowing. There’s security in not having it all figured out. I see that now. I’m in a posture of surrender and I’ve given it all to God. Everything. I’ve adopted the mindset that I know nothing. I’m not in control. I can’t do it alone. As much as I wanted to think that I had life all figured out….I don’t. I thought surrendering control would bring me so much anxiety and stress, but it’s actually bringing me peace. I’m finding comfort in The One who knows all and believing that He has it. I trust Him….

I used to speak with my words that I trusted Him, meanwhile my heart was singing a different tune. I would let go for a second, only to find my hands right back on the driver’s wheel of life. I thought I knew better than Him. I didn’t. I thought He needed my help. He didn’t. I thought that if I kept pushing my agenda, everything would go as I planned. I was wrong. I ran my plan and crashed so much until one day I came to the end of myself and decided that enough was enough. I was fighting against a power much greater than I. It was time to surrender and submit….

So here I am, in a posture of humility, submitting to God’s ways and plans. My heart is being transformed and my life is changing before my eyes. I can imagine Him saying, “finally my child, you’ve given it to me….”

It was my heart that He wanted. I surrender all….

~Shavon Carter, The YOU Relationship Coach

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