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Fight For Your Life!

I still remember a story my former Life Coach told me that reminded her of how I show up in life. It was a story that her mom told her about her birth. Her mom said she was born early and had to spend some time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with other premature babies so she could develop. During that time, which was over 30 years ago, they placed oxygen masks over the babies’ mouth and nose so they could breathe. Her mom shared that when the nurse put the mask over the other babies faces in the unit with her, they would try to push the mask away which prevented them from getting the oxygen they needed. As a result, some of the babies died. However, whenever the nurse put the mask over my coach’s face, she held on to the mask tightly and breathed in and out heavily, as if she understood that her life depended on it. That’s when her mother knew that she was a fighter. She said while working with me over the past year, she recognized that same fighter in me. No matter what obstacles I faced during the year, I continued to hold on and fight for my life.

Today I’m reminded of that story as I fight through the challenges of being single. I can choose to settle in a situation knowing it’s not what I really want or I can choose to let go and trust what’s unknown and unfamiliar, yet full of options and possibilities. The fighter in me chooses the latter, knowing that I’m strong enough to stand alone and wait for what’s healthy for me. The fighter in me says I don’t have to compromise or sell myself short because the best is ahead of me. The fighter says trust God and know that He will give you the desires of your heart. The fighter says love yourself and use this time alone to develop a deep understanding of your worth. The fighter says there’s peace and freedom in waiting and doing it God’s way, so continue to wait.

I share this because not only is there a fighter in me, but there’s a fighter in you too! I don’t know what you’re going through today in your singleness but I admonish you to fight! If you had a weak moment and fell into old habits, get up and fight to get back on the healthy path! If you’re tired of waiting and feel like giving up, fight to hold on to God’s promises for you! If you’re having trouble thinking pure thoughts, fight to keep your mind on pure things. Sis, you don’t have to lay down in defeat. Get up and FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!!

~Shavon Carter, The YOU Relationship Coach

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