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Me Time

Days like this when I’m feeling tired and running on fumes I just want to crawl up in “his” arms so he can hold me tight, kiss me on my forehead, and let me know that everything will be okay. But there is no “him.”

Days like this I think about how nice it would be for “him” to ask me out on a date. Or how it would be nice to cater to “him” and make him feel good and attend to his needs. But there is no “him.”

Then it dawned on me…I want to spend time and do things for a “him,” but what kind of time and special things am I doing for Me? What am I doing to cater to my own needs? Then the ideas started to flow. Mark time in my calendar where it’s just chill time with Me. I schedule everything else in my calendar, so why not schedule time for Me? Instead of waiting on a “him” to ask me out on a date, I can do things with myself. Like what? Massage. Dinner. Lunch. Ice Cream. Bowling. Walk in the park. Color. Draw. Paint. Whatever I want to do. Teaching myself to treat me how I want to be treated.

The simple act of scheduling time for Me in my calendar makes me feel so good. It’s a way of telling myself that I’m important and I matter. During one of my scheduled times with me next week I just booked an appointment for a massage. Yes!!! This is gonna be fun!

Are you scheduling quality time with you? If not, I encourage you to do it. Take a step to let you know that you matter. Stop neglecting you by waiting on “him.”

~Shavon Carter, The YOU Relationship Coach

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