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Unfamiliar Territory

I have to be honest and share that just focusing on myself is unfamiliar territory for me. Majority of my life has been spent thinking about and trying to win the affection and attention of a man. So now that I’m single again and not in a relationship, the temptation is to shift my focus to a man because that’s what I’m used to. But in this season of life, I have to learn how to focus on me. Just because I’ve never been here before is not an excuse to run back to the familiar. So I have to stay focused and learn to be content with me, and me alone.

How about you? Can you relate? Have you ever been by yourself for a season? If not, I know it’s uncomfortable but resist the temptation to go back to what’s comfortable. There are some things that God wants to do in us during this time. There’s some lessons we need to learn. There’s purpose that needs to be fulfilled in this single state. Endure the discomfort and learn to be content with just focusing on you. You can do this!

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